Newt Gingrich is putting out feelers for a run at the presidency in 2012. It’s probably PR smoke and mirrors, but we should have realized something was up after Gingrich’s megalomaniacal appearance at CPAC last week. The former House Speaker, as Kelley noted nicely below, strutted into the Regency ballroom to the thumping chords of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Ever the stuntman, he came in from the back, thus guaranteeing an affectionate public mobbing. It felt cheap; but crowd loved it.

Gingrich’s speech was depressing, too. All his red-meat criticism of the stimulus and his oft-repeated proposal to abolish capital-gains tax was fair game — albeit safely couched in Romney-like language of big-gov/big-biz.

On foreign policy, however, Gingrich still seemed utterly unable to draw a line between fantasy and fact. He urged his listeners and President Obama to read two ridiculous-sounding novels — by Alex Berenson and by William R. Forstchen — about existential security threats to the USA. These, he said in effect, were valuable manuals for guiding America’s international relations.

Surely Sarah Palin would be a better candidate for 2012? At least we know she doesn’t read.