Writing on LRC, Christopher Manion brings this Politico item to the attention of all:

Guests [at last night’s shindig for Bush-Cheney campaign veterans] were invited to submit their contacts for the BUSH-CHENEY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, and the list of options was a reminder of how big this family is by now: members of the Bush-Cheney administration, the George W. Bush GUBERNATORIAL Administration, the B-C and Bush for Governor campaigns, the Victory Committees, plus volunteers, interns and donors. The group, which plans an online community, says it “provides a forum in which alumni can stay connected and help build a lasting legacy for President George W. Bush and the Bush-Cheney Administration. The Association will provide up-to-date news on the Bushes’ and Cheneys’ post-White House activities, including information about the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.”

Manion mentions that he has a copy of the Reagan alumni directory (“I note with interest,” he writes, “that it is NOT called ‘The Reagan-Bush Alumni Association.’ Hmmmmm.”), but he suspects “that the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association Directory will be highly classified, just like Cheney’s White House staff directory – because being ‘outed’ would be tantamount to being identified as an incurable idiot.”

In attendance at last night’s gathering, according to Politico:

Ken Mehlman, Jack Oliver, Ben Ginsberg, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, Ralph Reed, Joe Hagin (who recently did a Fox hit), Don Evans, Taylor and Amy Gross, Ken Lisaius, Phil and Heather Musser, Taylor Griffin accompanied by his sister Missy Griffin, Kevin Madden, Brian Jones, Danny Diaz, Tracey Schmitt, Darren and Lindsay Grubb, Mindy (Tucker) Fletcher, Tucker andn Lisa Eskew, Paul Dyke and Jennifer (Millerwise) Dyke, Jim Dyke, Michael Toner, Kevin and Cathie Martin, Jeanie Mamo, Brian and Katie Montgomery, Leslie and Todd Beyer, Travis Thomas and Logan Walters making cameos from Texas, Ashley Kavanaugh, Brad Blakeman, Mary Kate and Alex Johnson, Jana and Michael Toner, Matt and Mercy Schlapp, Rich Galen, David James, former Governor Marc Racicot, Ann and Chad Kolton, Angel Paulson, Tim Griffin, Matt Rhoades, Ali Harden, Terry Holt , Susan Sheybani, Vin Weber, Mike Duncan and Jo Ann Davidson. Former ambassadors included Peter Terpeluk, Sig Rogich, Mel Sembler, Jim Nicholson, Stuart Holliday and Kevin Moley.