This is from my article in TAC, Democracy and Its Discontent (February 27, 2006), which was a critique of the Bush Administration’s Freedom Agenda and the Democratic Peace Theory, and which was published in the aftermath of Hamas’ victory in the parliamentary election in the West Bank and Gaza which the administration had promoted:

When Palestinian and Israeli officials frantically lobbied in Washington for the postponement of the parliamentary elections in the West Bank and Gaza, noting that polls pointed to a possible victory by Hamas, America’s top democracy cheerleader, Condoleezza Rice, was dismissive of those Middle Eastern naysayers. “Holding free and fair Palestinian Legislative Council elections on January 25 represents a key step in the process of building a peaceful, democratic Palestinian state,” Rice said in a Jan. 11 statement. “Development of a Palestinian democracy based on tolerance and liberty is a key element of the Roadmap,” she insisted. You have to believe that if you build a democracy, they will come. And on Jan. 25, Hamas came.

This is just to remind you (in case you’ve forgotten) that we have to thank the Bush Administration for mess in Gaza, and in particular for its decision to push for the election that brought Hamas to power and which then was followed by the decision to punish the Gazans for the outcome of their vote.

 And add to that all the other achievements in the Mideast — Iran’s allies coming to power in Iraq following the “liberation” of Iraq and Hizbollah’s increasing power and prestige following the election in Lebanon and the American backed Israeli retaliation in Lebanon (and I won’t mention to other foreign policy fiascos).

So if former Secretary of State and Wise Man Dean Acheson‘s memoir was titled, Present at the Creation, here is my proposal for a title for the memoir of soon-to-be former Secretary of State and the lightweight Condi Rice: Present at the Destruction.