This we know: when Obamamania comes to town, K Street flips and Jon Stewart’s jokes flop. NeoCon love birds coo and the Democratic bots start screeching like hawks. But this is one right-wing bastion I hadn’t expected to cave to the zeitgeist so quickly. A glance yesterday at, a reliable GOP booster, clearinghouse for the pro-war machinery and convenient cross-branding opportunity for anyone by the name of Kagan, Kristol, Brooks and Davis Hanson, is giving way more space to those wacky libs than normal. Who would have thought, in one business day:

India Shakes Up Obama-Clinton Plans – Jason Horowitz, NY Observer

Prop. 8: Which Way Now? – Kenji Yoshino, The Advocate

The Change We Need – Robert Borosage, Huffington Post

Obama Must Keep Being Obama – Robert Scheer, San Francisco Chronicle

Disappointment in Georgia – John Nichols, The Nation

There’s a number called Soft Power by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones for “Best of the Blogs” (right next to our estimable Daniel Larison’s The Secular Right at Eunomia). Then there’s the nine-page profile of Naomi Klein, Naomi Klein & the New New Left, at the New Yorker.

And then my personal favorite, Let’s Buy the Big Three by Michael Moore, The Daily Beast.

Oh yes, how times have changed. I’m sure it is all very self-serving on their part and they feel they are being appropriately marketable, but the whiff of comeuppance is unmistakable — and amusing.