Over at NPR.org, I have a “Dear Mr. President” piece up telling Obama that I didn’t vote for him (I ended up writing in Wendell Berry), but he could make conservatives like me very happy indeed if he would make some substantive steps toward reforming federal food policy. He should have Berry, Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin over to dinner sometime, I write, and talk food and farming. I’m skeptical as to whether or not the ethanol-loving Obama can get out from under Big Corn, but still, a guy can hope, can’t he?

Funny, but I just got back from lunch here in Dallas with a visionary young architect I met recently, who’s been involved in setting up a community garden and localist food network in town — this, partly as a community-building initiative for the inner city. We didn’t talk politics, but my guess is he’s a conservative. But he might be a liberal — it doesn’t much matter. The point is, localism built around food issues is a point of real convergence for traditionalist conservatives and like-minded liberals. It’s exciting to me to see these food networks taking shape here in my own community, organized strictly by word of mouth. Organically, you might say. Interestingly, everybody involved is 45 and under — and the main point of commonality seems to be having read and taken to heart Michael Pollan (who, by the way, did a long interview with TAC in our excellent food issue).