The Obama team is taking shape and the new rainbow coalition will include maverick Republicans who see the light.  Meanwhile, Senate Republicans have already confirmed the same leadership team that lost earlier this month while the Great White Hope of the GOP is in Alaska writing her book, with a little help from her friends no doubt.  Hillary Clinton as Sec State?  Why not?  She and Rahm can sit down over a cup of capuccino to decide which axis of evil nation will be obliterated next.  Lieberman staying on at Homeland Security?  Jane Harman, Dennis Ross, and Anthony Lake also somewhere in the mix?  Guess it will be Iran’s turn before too long. 

Obama and Rahm met yesterday with John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham, Republican of SC.  Graham said in advance that he welcomed the meeting as there are a number of areas – like immigration – where a constructive common agenda is possible.  One might think that since no one spoke about illegal immigration during the presidential campaign, it’s about time.  But McCain and Graham both support amnesty and easy entry into the US workforce, as does Obama, so there will be little to discuss except how exactly to foist the latest outrage on the American people.  Graham famously called opponents of the derailed Bush/McCain amnesty plan “bigots.”