The big tree house club meeting at Brent Bozell’s went exactly as I thought it would, a lot of sour grapes and talk about better organization. You really can’t expect much to get done when someone like Tony Perkins talks like this:

” The conservative leader Friday laid the Republican Party’s poor showing at the polls at the feet of moderates who, he argues, led the party away from its core principles

So in other words, it’s all Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Christopher Shays’ fault! Well, at least after this election, they won’t have Shays to kick around anymore.

You can count the number of “moderate” Republicans in Congress on one hand. They are neither Congressional leaders, nor were they in charge in the White House and very few are governors or state legislators. The idea that this minority wing of the party is somehow responsible for everything that’s gone wrong is not only silly, it’s a typical excuse made every time the GOP loses an election. It’s not our fault, say the “conservatives”, it’s the moderates fault! We have to take back the party!

Isn’t amazing that conservatives have to keep re-taking the Republican Party back every four to eight years?

Or perhaps the cause of their dismay is the fact current conservative ideology, which is hardly conservative at all in any real sense, simply cannot stand on its own as a national governing philosophy and quickly becomes right-wing social democracy as soon as the politics calls for it. Many politicians once reasonably described as “conservative” 20 to 30 to 40 years ago, travel down this path (Bob Dole is a good example. Lindsay Graham too.)

Instead of focusing on how to get the politics and the politicians back to a truer definition of conservatism, The Tree House Gang wishes to exorcise the ghosts of Nelson Rockefeller and Jacob Javits. It’s tempting to say these Beltway Conservatives need to look at themselves to find the answers to their problems but I figure Brent Bozell probably hid all the mirrors.