We didn’t have any Ralph Nader endorsements in our election symposium. But if you’re looking for a conservative case for him, you could hardly do better than to consult the Northern Agrarian (former TAC intern Patrick Ford) and the Left Conservative (Dylan Hales, who has a forthcoming TAC piece on William Appleman Williams and Gabriel Kolko).

I was also interested to see that an old friend of mine from college — we co-founded a conservative publication at Washington University in St. Louis — is supporting Obama. He relays a wise election recommendation from a mutual friend:

The best advice I have received concerning choosing a candidate or a party was from a good friend and colleague of mine. He once said that he couldn’t see himself voting for someone if he couldn’t see himself associating with his supporters. For me, I couldn’t see myself hanging out with the zealous halfwits that supported Vice President Al Gore in 2000 or Kerry in 2004. Now, thanks to the xenophobic frenzy that the McCain-Palin campaign has stirred up – I wouldn’t be caught dead in a GOP rally.

That’s something that has made Obamacons out of many right-leaning Americans. And speaking of Obamacons, I notice that Christopher Buckley is not the only dissenter from the party line to be purged from National Review. Jeffrey Hart, who has been an NR senior editor for longer than most of NR‘s editors have been alive, is for Obama and so, like Buckley, he has been shown the door.