The long knives are out for Sarah Palin and unsheathing them are members of McCain’s staff who are jumping the ship as soon as they can and trying to clear their records and clean their reputations before coming electoral tsunami (although I don’t think it will reach Carter-esque or Goldwater proportions. More like Clinton’s win over Dole or even Bush I’s win over Dukakis).

According to them, Palin is a “diva” or “doesn’t take advice from anyone” and has “gone rogue” or is basically worrying about making sure McCain’s defeat doesn’t take her down too. Of course,  when one uses a phrase like “diva”, they do so intentionally because it’s also tries to tie her back to $150,000 shopping spree for wardrobe, make-up and accessories. Being a “diva” generally one has the impression of a very pampered person and that’s idea these anonymous tipsters want you to have, that far from being a “hockey mom”, Sarah Palin acts like any normal person would act once they hit it big in the lottery or make a hit record or make the winning shot: diva-like. After all, the Spears family was once from a little town in Louisiana.

Putting the musing of losers aside (and after what the McCainiac Gulag guards did to Ron Paul and his delegates in St. Paul I must disclose that I have absolutely no sympathy for them and would shriek in delight if Paul draws off enough votes in Montana to give the state to Obama.) I have written in posts at my other blogsite Conservative Heritage Times that Palin needed to be set free of of the almost puppeteer control over her (as the Paulites would know) before they turned her into a Barbie Doll. If she had natural talents as a politican the U.S. voting populace needed to see them for better or worse otherwise the McCain campaign would look foolish in saying she was qualified being President. It’s good to see Palin hasn’t lost her independent mind being around a bunch of control freaks. If she is a “rogue,” as they say, more power to her. Or as the Divas would say “You go girl!” 

Of course this doesn’t answer the question of whether Palin is qualified to be President or even ready for it if called upon. She reminds this sports writer of any number of young players called upon or called up too soon before they are ready and suffer accordingly even though they have talent.

But it’s too easy to say that Palin will wind up like William Miller, Goldwater’s largely forgotten vice-presidential nominee, after what seems to be an apparent McCain loss. There’s no question Palin excites the GOP base, shrinking though it may be (just imagine what McCain’s numbers would be if Romney and or Lieberman were on the ticket) and apparently she has lots of friends in the conservative pundit community.  As this New Yorker article by Jane Meyer describes, Palin has been trying to get her name dropped in high places almost from the time she was inaugurated. She hired a top east coast PR firm to handle to construction of a new pipeline in Alaska.  She hosted back-to-back cruises for the Weekly Standard and National Review and apparently wowed the boys on the boat (so much so that the Standard‘s Fred Barnes is tearing into some poor flunkie in the McCain campaign for not fessing up that SHE was the one who used the RNC’s credit card to buy all those clothes).  They were the ones within the community who played up Palin (especilly Bill Kristol) because they saw in her the kind of “everyday person” image that would rouse the base not excited all that much McCain somehow pull the ticket to victory (and keep them in power of course or close to power). Even though she was not throughly vetted (despite what any McCainiac will tell you) compared to other vice-presidential candidates, she was enough of a high risk/high reward pick that a serious gambler like McCain could appreciate choosing her. After all, what the he have to lose?

Palin is ambitious and with the help of her friends in high places, she will try to stick around to claim a piece of the GOP’s future. If that’s divaism then I guess the dress fits then, but that would make her no different than any male politician in same position and women do have a right to complain there’s no equivalent term to “diva” to describe such a man (Perhaps we bring back the phrase “jim dandy”). Whether it’s good for the GOP, conservatism, libertarianism, or whatever that she’ll be around is another question.

Update: Apparently the diva argument isn’t sticking too well. Now McCain’s staffers are using the term “whack job” to describe her. Whatever you think of Palin, for these slimy bastards to character assassinate her from the dark to excuse their own failures is pretty wretching. Is it just me or do more and more people think this campaign deserves to lose?