In an interview with Michael Krasny on KQED in San Francisco, Christopher Buckley reveals why he will probably be voting for Obama in November (h/t United Liberty):

I’ve read Obama’s books, and I have been struck by how good a writer he is. I would be tempted to vote for him on those grounds alone, because someone who writes that well also, I think, thinks clearly. Now, Mr. Obama is left-wing. I am not left-wing. But I am probably going to vote for him on the grounds of his thoughtfulness, my hope being that once he inherits this mess—and it’s going to be a mess: he inherits a country at war and in its worst financial crisis since 1929; are you really sure, Mr. Obama, you want this job?—that his instincts and his thoughtfulness will lead him toward creative, non-ideological solutions. If he comes in and simply adopts a standard left-wing agenda, raising taxes and increasing tariffs, then I think we’re going to be in very deep trouble.

Buckley makes explicit what has been an unstated premise of others with Obamacon tendencies: thoughtfulness, or any ability to think at all, is a necessary (if not sufficient) precondition for governing well, or at least not governing in a catastrophically terrible fashion.

Here’s the full interview, which includes much else of interest–such as a discussion of Buckley’s latest novel, Supreme Courtship.

Would Christopher Buckley’s father, William F. Buckley Jr., also have been an Obamacon? There’s some reason to think so.