There will be a silver lining — golden, actually — to the hellish hurricane of election day if even one of the antiwar, sound-money candidates in North and South Carolina wins. These are practically the only races this season worth caring about. In the Tar Heel State, Ron Paul-endorsed Republican B.J. Lawson is taking on incumbent Democrat David Price. Lawson has a Constitution Day moneybomb coming up on Wednesday. Needless it say, it takes quite a lot of what the Federal Reserve fabricates to knock-off an incumbent. So I’ll be donating a few rapidly inflating reserve notes to the Lawson campaign at midweek, and you should too.

Meanwhile in South Carolina, Democrat Bob Conley is campaigning valiantly against John McCain’s Mini-Me, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. If “Grahamnesty’s” op-ed with Joe Lieberman baiting the Russian bear raised your ire, donating to Conley’s campaign is a good way to blow off steam — and to cause Lindsey some pain.