A Summer Place is a film about a time in America when families felt a sense of shame if their teenage daughter got pregnant — and one that many conservatives recall with a sense of nostalgia, blaming the Sixties, the liberals, etc. for the decline in that kind of family values in our own era when the PC culture requires us not to be “judgmental” about the behavior of other people, to respect the “other” (identity politics) and at a time when decadent Hollywood celebrates sexual promiscuity, adultery, drug use, etc, including unwed pregnant celebrities that are part of that celebrity culture. And Obama, as the McCain campaign told us, is part of that culture. Like we didn’t know.( Check-out what drug-addict Rush Limbaugh has to say about the issue).

So now many of these conservatives are telling us that we shouldn’t be judgmental about the kind of sexual promiscuity that created the conditions for a teenager to get pregnant. Where were the parents? In fact, we should applaud the mother of that teenager. Yep. It’s a private issue. Indeed, that mom is so, so private that she gives her first media interview to People magazine, during which she discusses her kids (who we are then told are off-limits). And if we criticize this mom who wants to be our vice-president, well, we are all “sexist.” Now… all of this — not Obama — reminds me of the unwed pregnant celebrities and makes me feel nostalgic about the 1950’s. And you don’t have to be a genius to predict how these great proponents of family values would have reacted if it was revealed that Michelle Obama had a child out of wedlock.

Not that I want to sound too judgmental here.