While the rest of the pack chases the next Obama-Clinton kerfuffle, ABC News has at least put a team on the streets of Denver to chase down real news — like how wealthy special interests and corporate fat cats are laying down big loot to ensure primo placement at the federal trough and regulatory racket under the new administration. But as Asa Eslocker found out — apparently with a pair of Johnny Law’s hands on his neck — the streets aren’t exactly friendly — especially to the more inquisitive of the Fourth Estate.

ABC reports that Asa was arrested for trying to take pictures of VIPs as they were leaving the Brown Palace Hotel. The charges include trespassing, interference and “failure to follow a lawful order,” because the hotel claims it owns the sidewalk. That’s a new one, but not being familiar with Denver laws, I’ll wait for the follow-up. The ABC investigative team had published an earlier report about the swanky skyboxes at the Pepsi Center — not exactly breaking news. But I enjoyed this quote:

“It feels very elitist,” said Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit group that pushes for openness in politics. “To flaunt the fact that there is a higher elite class of people who are big political donors, who have reached that status because they have more money, feels fundamentally undemocratic,” she said.

I’m guessing Asa would agree right about now, especially if he’s at the Denver gitmo:AP

UPDATE:Video of ABC reporter arrested. Got to love the cigar-chomping cop helping to subdue the errant Jimmy Olsen.