TAC is on vacation for a fortnight. Check your newsstands, mailboxes, and bookstores in the coming week for our summer issue, which features (among much else) Leon Hadar on the failure of nation-building in Iraq; “Southern Avenger” Jack Hunter on Senate contender Bob Conley, a Ron Paul Democrat in South Carolina; Andrew Michta on the energy crisis as national-security threat; David Gordon on the left-liberalism of John Rawls (and the folly of “Rawlsekianism”); M.B. Dougherty on immigration and the Catholic Church; Roger McGrath on the 1908 Olympics; and reviews from Sir Peregrine Worsthorne, Ed West, and yours truly.

While the editors are dispersed around the globe — literary editor Freddy Gray is on honeymoon in Rwanda, believe it or not — blogging might be a little light, though I’ll be around and several of our contributing editors may help keep the blog fires burning.