For those who still believe that calling congressmen and expressing one’s views can be beneficial, there will be a national mobilization tomorrow on the subject of dialogue with Iran.  The Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran has gathered together a number of sponsoring groups from all across the political spectrum who are united in believing that negotiations with Iran should begin immediately and without preconditions to avert a war that would be disastrous for everyone involved.  Those who wish to support the effort should call their congressmen tomorrow, June 10th. 

Concurrently, there will be a 10 am through 2 pm media event on the west front of the Canon House Office building with the capitol building serving as a backdrop.  A phone bank will be set up enabling interested Americans to speak to Iranians directly, presumably Iranians who speak English or it will be a rather labored exchange.  Doug Bandow and I will be present among those who will be available to discuss the Iran issue with the curious and bored who happen to wander in.