Jim Webb and Barrack Obama are crossover candidates, with Webb winning black and Scots-Irish voters, while Obama’s coalition includes poor blacks and white Yuppies. I’m not sure whether Obama will select Webb to run on his ticket; it’s also not clear whether the duo could bring the Scots-Irish voters into the Democratic coalition.

But here is some food for thought. White educated professionals are attracted to Obama because they see him as a white educated professional whose dad happened to be black. So is it possible that working-class/lower-middle class/poor whites will be attracted to a working-class/lower-middle class/poor white whose father happened to be black?

According to statistics from 1990 on inter-racial marriges, 17.6% of African American marriages occur with white Americans and  African American men are 2.6 times more likely to be married to white American women than African American women to white American men. So if you also include in the statistics out-of-wedlock births, there are probably quite a lot of biracial kids out there who are being raised now by working-class/lower-middle class/poor white women. Is is possible that at  some point in the future, one of them could play the role of the unifier — a black Redneck who brings together blacks and Rednecks? After all, according to conservative economist Thomas Sowell, blacks and Rednecks share very similar cultural traits.

So here is my prediction: In 2016 the presidential race in the Democratic party will be between Chelsea Clinton and our imaginary black Redneck who will be running on a populist, economic nationalist and anti-immigration platform. Well, it could happen.