I’ve received a few angry emails from readers about my earlier post which ridiculed the proposal to invade Burma in order to save it (like Iraq), accusing me of lacking feelings with regard to the tragedy in Myanmar. My response is that I tend to prioritize my sentiments and that Burma, indeed, is not on the top of that list. Hence, I don’t support the idea of American soldiers dying for Burma. Also, if you feel so strongly about the issue, I suggest that you use your own time and money to help the Burmese people. Join an aid organization and take the road to Rangoon. You can also raise money and get involved in other ways. Finally, take a look at my old policy paper, U.S. SANCTIONS AGAINST BURMA: A Failure on All Fronts in which I called for U.S. diplomatic and economic with Burma. If these proposals had been pursued, we would have had a large contingent of American diplomats, businessmen, students, etc. who would have been in a position to provide assistance to the Burmese.