Not surprisingly, the networks guilty of bringing on flawed military analysts working with the pentagon to advance their pro-war talking points have yet to cover this explosive story. Perhaps, since the blogosphere is the only place where the story still has legs, we should start a “MFM (Message Force Multiplier) Enabler Watch” a la Chris Wallace’s sorry and now mercifully defunct “Obama Watch”. Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald at Salon has been stoking the embers with extraordinary precision, and Politico points out that despite the story’s waning glamor, Congress is set to move forward with investigations over whether this corrupt and deceitful enterprise was in fact, illegal. Their report includes responses from the networks that bothered to respond to congressional letters on the subject.

In the meantime, anyone lacking sufficient outrage over this can always access the Department of Defense communications regarding the MFM program — which had been obtained by the NYT through Freedom of Information — on the web.

Happy reading!