I have had serious misgivings about CIA Director Michael Hayden, first because he is a tad too attached to his uniform and title “General” for someone who is heading a civilian agency.  Not to mention that he is an Air Force officer who does not know how to fly while the rows of ribbons on his chest are all of the good behavior variety.  People still at the Agency seem to like him and are appreciative of his low key style after the roller coaster of Tenet-Goss. Nevertheless, most young officers tell me they intend to leave sooner rather than later because they are bored and are given no meaningful work.  In the world of smoke and mirrors, however, there are some things that are just not done, a matter of proper intelligence officer decorum.  Today’s Washington Post reports that Hayden was seen at a baseball game drinking Miller Lite.  Can one imagine James Bond drinking Miller Lite?  Of course not.  There is nothing more to say about Hayden.