We are all quite familiar with Dan Quayle’s Brain’s success in Kristol Gazing the Iraq War. And since launching his career as a New York Times columnist, he has already attributed a quote by Michael Medved to Michelle Malkin (so many M’s, so little time) and then he made another error (something about Obama’s attending services at Trinity Church) and now he is wrong once again (saying that Obama and Clinton “didn’t denounce MoveOn.org when they ran the ‘General Betray Us’ ad when General Petraeus was testifying before Congress”).

But what can you expect from the Times that decided to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the the fifth anniversary of President Bush’s declaration of the end of “major combat operations” in Iraq by inviting the reflections of six cheer-leaders for the war in Iraq who also helped to contribute to the mess there: Richard Perle, Fred Kagan, Danielle Pletka, Kenneth Pollack, L. Paul Bremer and Anthony Cordesman.

I’m beginning to think this is the way the Times is trying to demonstrate Next: “Bush’s Trials Resonate for Truman: President Battling Reds in Korea Has Shown Interest in Republican’s Strategies at Dawn of the War on Terrorism.”