I’d be pretty surprised if Hillary’s 12 point or so lead holds up. I went up over the weekend to Penn State, attended a massive Obama rally (they’re apparently historic, so you gotta do it). It was underwhelming as political rhetoric, but the guy is attracting huge crowds and is a slick, basically likeable campaigner. He played some 3 on 3 with Bob Casey and some “Lady Nittany Lions” in the gym in the morning, and fed some milk bottles to calves at the dairy center, and bowled (poorly) in Altoona. But people –very middle of the road white people–seem to be responding to him. He’s on the air in radio and TV, and Hillary isn’t. I think his sportiness will be a big advantage in appealing to sports crazed people there and elsewhere in the country. He’s apparently a decent if not good golfer –something he has definitely understressed during the campaign– but is likely, if it becomes better known, to help him with some of those mysterious white male voters. (And I suspect he only started playing when he arrived in the Springfield legislature, and soon thereafter young kids would have put a serious crimp in his weekend golf time). Kind of curious to me why Hillary is so obviously unathletic. I learned over the weekend that her younger brother was a second string quarterback at Penn State in early 1970’s, and that’s being a pretty serious jock. Isn’t athletic ability supposed to run in families? Steve?